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Loan Servicing Software Features

The Mortgage Office Loan Servicing Software module streamlines all your current loan servicing tasks. Automating much of the servicing process makes it just as easy to handle thousands of loans as it is to handle a few dozen. With the Loan Servicing Software module, you can:

  • Assign unlimited funding sources per loan
  • Accurately track loan charges and advances
  • Process payments with quick and flexible options
  • Automatically generate emails for borrower bills and statements
  • Handle documents with a fully integrated document imaging and management system
  • Schedule one-time, recurring or event-driven loan reminders
  • Automate distribution between funding sources and automate check printing
  • Easily download the latest ARM index rate values directly into the system
  • Escrow administration features meet or exceed RESPA requirements
  • Fully integrated letter writing with Microsoft Word templates and Mail Merge
  • Manage security and permissions to control user access
  • Transfer payments electrically via ACH
  • Print, manage and e-file 1098, 1099s and Canadian T5 tax forms

Our automated software tools make it easier to scale your loan servicing capacity. The whole system is powerful, flexible and incredibly simple to use. The Loan Servicing Software module streamlines the entire process for managing large portfolios without introducing more labor costs.
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