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The Mortgage Pool Servicing Module lets you take your business to the next level with professionally designed, accurate, up-to-the-minute partnership statements. You’ll be able to automate the management of pools, partnerships, REITS, mortgage funds, LLCs, MICs, and non-performing loan pools. With the Pool Servicing module, you can:

  • Service an unlimited number of pools and partners
  • Easily accept partner investments, issue distributions and process withdrawals
  • Produce on-demand professional pool statements
  • Run year-end reporting, including Section J of the IRS Schedule K-1, 1099-INT, etc.
  • Automatically email borrower bills and statement, and process payments quickly and flexibly
  • Handle documents with a fully integrated document imaging and management system
  • Schedule one-time, recurring or event-driven loan reminders

With the Mortgage Pool Servicing Module, you can determine the value of the pool at any given date while taking into account loan payments, advances, accrued interest, late charges and deferred interest. All of this functionality in one tool gives you great leverage to manage pools with less time and greater accuracy.
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