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Trust Accounting Software Features

The Trust Accounting software module lets you manage escrow and impound trust accounts, REO properties, real estate transactions and borrower-deposited funds. Reconcile your trust accounts to your bank statement easily and automatically. The Trust Accounting Module helps you:

  • Handle, control and account for all trust monies received
  • Maintain any number of trust accounts with unlimited clients (sub-ledgers)
  • Generate reports, reconcile bank accounts, issue checks and disburse funds
  • Process deposits and adjustments, handling both computer-generated and handwritten checks
  • Generate the Trust Status Report (CA-DRE RE 855) and Trust Bank Account Reconciliation (CA-DRE RE 856)

The Trust Accounting Module meets or exceeds currently established legal and accounting standards. It also complies with Federal and State regulations including CA-DRE and B&P code, making it easier to stay in compliance with statutes and regulations that govern trust accounts. This tool gives you the control you need over trust accounts to ensure the health of your business, while taking the tedium out of compliance necessities associated with trust accounting.
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