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Order Loan Servicing Supplies and Register for Seminars Online

Published: 5/13/2010

In a continuing effort to improve our customers’ experience with The Mortgage Office™, ABS has automated the process of ordering supplies and registering for seminars. 

The new Order Center is found on the Order menu of our Online Center, which is found on the Online menu of The Mortgage Office™.

Order Menu

You can order supplies such as checks, envelops, year-end forms and software CD. You can also track the status of your order. Additionally, you will be kept abreast of the order via email.

Order Menu

Place new or re-order checks for both US and Canada using the newly designed online form. Once an order is placed you can track the progress of the order using the My Orders option described below. When you need to re-order checks, the Online Center will automatically recall the information you entered in your most recent order, which will make re-ordering checks a breeze.

Envelopes and Year-End Supplies
Need to order envelopes, IRS tax forms, or 3-part, perforated paper? Just specify the quantity and click the Submit button!

Software CD
If you need a CD of The Mortgage Office™, you can now just simply fill in some basic information and we will ship the CD out to you.

My Orders
This section provides you a history of all orders placed by your company, along with the status of each order. When you initially submit an order the status is "Received". Once ABS begins to process the order, the status will change to "In Process" and once completed the status will change to "Completed". This allows you to keep track of what's happening with the order.

Register for Seminars
ABS hosts monthly group training seminars at its offices in Long Beach, California. You can now register online to attend the seminars.


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