Debit borrowers & Pay Investor electronically with a couple of clicks

Dramatically reduce operating costs

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Keep your borrowers on track

Good for you, good for them

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Make your investors happy - pay them faster!

Automatic email notifications of deposit

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ACH Express

Automate the processing of loan payments and disbursements. Transfer funds directly to or from your bank account. Automatically debit borrower accounts and send automated lender deposit notifications via email.


Electronically collect borrower payments and directly deposit funds to your lenders

Eliminate human error and late payments

Save money by eliminating mailing labor and hard costs

Process thousands of borrower and lender payments effortlessly

Improve security and safety by processing transactions electronically

This module is a valuable tool in The Mortgage Office® suite of loan servicing software solutions. Your company will be perceived as innovative, technologically advanced, service oriented, and efficient; a company that your borrowers and lenders can trust.

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