Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

The Baltimore Life Insurance Companies

The Baltimore Life Insurance Companies Owings Mills, MD.

Since their founding in 1882, the Baltimore Life Companies have provided reliable and affordable life insurance coverage for six generations of policy owners.

Currently, The Baltimore Life Insurance Company and the Life of Maryland, Inc., have combined assets under management of about three-quarters of a billion dollars and are licensed in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

The Baltimore Life CompaniesMr. Damon Gasque of the Baltimore Life Insurance Companies contacted ABS in search of a system to service their portfolio of loans. The system needed to be flexible enough to handle their diverse portfolio of land contracts, ground rents and commercial loans, all spread throughout eight states.

When asked for his impression of The Mortgage Office, Mr. Gasque had this to say:

"We are so happy with the system. I tell you, it is everything you guys said it was and then some."--- Mr. Damon Gasque

Clearly, The Mortgage Office not only met, but exceeded expectations.

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