Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

Utah Mortgage Center Saves Time with The Mortgage Office™.

December 14, 2006

Bob Kime has been in the private money lending business for 35 years and feels like he’s been through it all –he even wrote a book on the industry. Bob started Utah Mortgage Center over 8 years ago, and in that time Bob has tried numerous loan servicing applications before finding The Mortgage Office™.

When the company first started, they used a competitor’s product. Bob scrapped the system in favor of a custom-built solution after a relatively short period. The initial appeal of a customized program seemed like a good idea; certainly it would do what exactly what they wanted and be tailored to suit their company’s needs. At this time, Bob’s firm was doing well and could afford the nearly half-million dollars it took to write and implement this custom program. However, Bob soon realized this was not such a great idea. "The reports never worked," says Bob, "and hardly had as many features as The Mortgage Office™."

After five years of suffering with their custom software, Bob found The Mortgage Office™ and knew a switch was necessary. "Because ABS has been building systems for a long time, we chose The Mortgage Office™ because of what seemed like simple features – NSF, charge backs, and even the reporting," Robert explained. In this industry, time is money and The Mortgage Office™ has saved him countless hours which translates to money in the bank. "Before, we had to do everything by hand and always had errors to correct," he says, "Year-end reporting takes so much less time AND comes out right."

Robert has been a customer for over four years now and only wishes he had found The Mortgage Office™ sooner:

"The Mortgage Office™ makes it cheaper to operate – the system is more of a sales tool as I can give presentations to buy Trust Deeds with a professional looking report – and it gives the lenders confidence. The system also takes the place of many others as it tracks our insurance, collections, all correspondence, etc. It’s just wonderful. I really couldn’t have anticipated the time savings The Mortgage Office™ has given me. I just wish I’d bought it sooner."

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