Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

The Mortgage Office™ Allows Brownstone Mortgage Capital to Operate as Simply as Possible

December 26, 2006

Alex Nackoul, Managing Director of Brownstone Mortgage Capital Corp., describes himself as "efficiently lazy." And while his interview is by far the shortest one, the message is simple: "The Mortgage Office™ is straightforward and effortless."

Brownstone Mortgage had used another system prior to The Mortgage Office™ and Alex says the reason they were replacing their system was, "[it] couldn’t reconcile the bank accounts – can you imagine? And processing an NSF was difficult. Oy Vey!"

When asked why he chose The Mortgage Office™, Alex simply replied, "It’s easy and simple. The Mortgage Office™ allows me to be lazy without having to compromise efficiency." And what does he want to pass on to others? "The Mortgage Office™ is the best damn software. Period."

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Alex Nackoul, Managing Director

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