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Issue certificates of investment

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Automate note obligations

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Collateralized Mortgage Obligation Software

Minimize repayment risks commonly associated with CMOs. How? The module carefully matches the amount, interest rate and maturity of the certificates sold with the anticipated aggregate payments of the underlying pool of loans.


Provide professional holder certificates with full Microsoft Word integration

Automate the tasks of selling and servicing of certificates secured by a pool of loans

Issue certificate holder checks or deposit funds electronically via ACH Express

Automatically roll over certificates at maturity and reinvest funds for growth certificates

Produce IRS 1099-INT Interest Income Statements

The CMO module allows investors to purchase certificates from a tiered return structure while providing predictable cash-flows and rates of return. Debt obligations are automatically issued based on the amount invested. Producing a bond-like investment product may better fit your investor’s needs than a direct participation in the actual loans, and this software module from The Mortgage Office® helps you handle many tasks automatically.

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