Report all borrower activity to any credit agency

Help improve your borrowers' credit scores

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Equifax, TransUnion, Experian, Innovis

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Consumer Credit Reporting Software

Enjoy having a Built-in Assistant guide you through the steps of creating a Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Metro 2 compliant file. Choose the credit bureau(s) of choice to send file.


Report customer data to Equifax, Innovis, Experian and TransUnion

Avoid duplicate data through seamless integration with the Loan Servicing Module

Generate an Errors and Exemptions report to help you identify and correct mistakes

Produce a detailed audit report after each transmission

Validate data to ensure compliance

This software module supports all status codes, type codes, comment codes, and maintains a 24-month history. It includes support for Metro 2 format including appendages, helping you quickly create files that are ready to be sent to your chosen credit bureaus.

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