The Mortgage Office is a Long Beach, California-based Fintech / Prop Tech company that builds software for the mortgage lending industry. The Mortgage Office is the market leader for Loan Servicing software in the private lending industry. We are a fast-growing, well-funded, B2B SaaS (software as a service) Tech company.
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The Data Engineer role at The Mortgage Office is responsible for extracting, transforming, and managing data for our clients. The position requires working with various data sources, developing ETL processes, and ensuring data quality and integrity. The Data Engineer collaborates with internal teams and clients to understand data requirements and deliver solutions that meet their needs. This role plays a critical role in optimizing data systems and processes to enhance business efficiency.

Job Duties Include:

• Design, develop, and implement ETL processes to extract, transform, and load data from diverse sources into target systems.
• Collaborate with internal teams and clients to gather data requirements, understand data structures, and ensure accurate mapping and transformation of data.
• Write and optimize SQL queries to retrieve and manipulate data for analysis and reporting purposes.
• Perform data profiling, cleansing, and validation to ensure data integrity and quality.
• Develop and maintain data models, schemas, and documentation to support data integration and analysis.
• Monitor and troubleshoot data integration processes, identifying and resolving any issues or discrepancies.
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify opportunities for data process improvements and implement automation solutions.
• Stay updated with industry best practices and emerging technologies in data engineering and recommend their adoption as appropriate.
• Participate in the planning and execution of data migration projects, ensuring smooth and accurate data transfer.
• Provide support and guidance to other team members on data-related tasks and projects.

Skills & Requirements:
• Minimum 3+ years of experience in data engineering or related roles.
• Bachelor’s degree in a technology-related field or equivalent experience.
• Strong proficiency in SQL and experience with database management systems.
• Familiarity with ETL tools and techniques.
• Experience converting data using ETL on CSV files
• Experience with Microsoft SQL Server
• Experience in schema design & architecture
• Experience using business/development pipelines
• Understanding of data warehousing concepts and best practices.
• Experience with data profiling, cleansing, and validation.
• Proficient in Microsoft Excel for data analysis and manipulation.
• Basic knowledge of Python for scripting and automation.
• Optional: Familiarity with Power Query for data extraction and transformation.
• Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
• Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.
• Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

What You’ll Get:
• Full medical benefits.
• 401K with matching.
• Paid vacation.
• Paid sick days.
• Paid holidays.
• Compensation commensurate with experience.
• Hybrid work schedule

Pay Range: 60k -70k

Note: The benefits listed are subject to company policies and may vary based on location and employment terms.

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