Revolving lines of credit in full automation

No math. Ever.

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Send professional bills to your clients

Image is everything

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Automate the draw process

Set up parameters for maximum/minimum draw amounts

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HELOC/Revolving Credit Software

Automatically generate notices dictated by State and Federal regulations. Deliver robust reports on-demand and with minimal user input.


Assess finance charges and generate billing statements in a single step

Generate detailed account activity, summarized information and finance charge calculations

Automate the entire draw process

Generate notices and informative management reports at any time

This module automates crucial notices on a regular schedule and for relevant account events so that you don’t have to do them manually. And if you have multiple funding sources, the built-in assistant will accurately distribute mid-month cash advances to multiple sources or lenders, prorating disbursements accordingly. Everything is efficiently coordinated, automating tedious tasks that would otherwise be eating up staff time.

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