Helping Non Profits Help Others Since 1978

Non-Profit Loan Management Solutions

Countless 501 (c) 3s: Habitats, Neighborworks, religious organizations, CDFIs, and Tribal Governments have chosen TMO throughout the years to help them better their communities.

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Trusted by Thousands of Companies Across the World

Give Yourself More Time to Help Others

Give Yourself More Time to Help Others

Built-in audit features. Daily, monthly and yearly task reminders with user allocation capabilities.

Help Building Better Communities

Help strengthen your community through successful homeownership programs.

Keep Borrowers on Track

Improve borrower financial stability with online portal payments capability and integrated credit reporting.

Right Tools at the Right Time

Make the best lending decisions with the best tools.

Payment Processing

Process real time Credit Card and EFT payments through all of our payment entry screens, both within The Mortgage Office and through

Online Portals

Information readily available at your borrowers and lenders fingertips with 24/7 access.

Go Paperless

Notify your borrowers as payments are applied, when payment statements are sent, ACH deposits are made, upcoming ACH debits (AutoPay), and much more!

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