Loan Management Features that Keep You
and Your Customers Connected

Connecting You to Your Customers

  • Text Alerts

    Send text notifications to your borrowers and lenders with important info they can access immediately

  • Conversation Tracking

    Have every detail on every conversation time-stamped and dated

  • Emailing & Attachments

    Automatically attach important documents to every loan to reference anytime.

  • Document Imaging

    Scan and attach files to each loan for historical purposes

  • Online Lender & Borrower Portal

    Provide your investors and borrowers access to their accounts 24/7

  • Electronic Filing, Printing & Mailing

    E-file your returns with a couple clicks. Never worry about printing, stuffing or mailing envelopes ever again

  • Construction Budget

    fully automate the entire construction loan process, from acquisition through construction, mitigating risks

  • Customized Reporting

    Stand out from the competition with customized branded reports

Accept Payments Online

  • Online Payments

    Provide your borrowers the ability to easily make a payment online

  • Real Time Payment Processing

    Don’t wait for a payment to clear. Our system clears it in real time

  • E-Signature

    Streamline your paperwork process to get signed off faster and close deals efficiently

  • T5/T3 NR4

    Upload T5s and T3s to the Canadian Revenue Agency

  • FSRA & OSC Compliant

    Comply with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)

  • Syndicated Loans

    Easily manage loans with unlimited number of investors

Interact With Your Data

  • Loan Origination

    Originate loans in 50 states. Offer an online loan application. Have a borrower/broker portal. Pull credit reports.

  • Dashboard & Pipeline Management

    Have a clear picture of your servicing and origination portfolio.

    Customizable pipeline and easy view of the loan in this process.

  • Pull & Report Credit

    Pull credit from and report to all the major credit reporting agencies.

  • Portfolio Visualizer

    See your loans on a map based on the criteria you chose: zip code, maturity date, past due, amount, region, investor, etc…

  • Excel Import/Export

    Export to Excel from any grid with any view and easily import data into our system

Seamless Integrations with the Software You’re Already Familiar with

Built-in integrations with popular LOS systems, QuickBooks, and Microsoft products.

Customer Support & Training

We offer expert level guidance and training for The Mortgage Office software. Wether you are looking for in-person or online support, our team is dedicated to your success!

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