Report Servicing and Origination Stats to the DRE

DRE Reporting Software

If you are a Threshold Broker operating under your DRE license, this module produces the mandated RE 881 and RE 852 reports.

Take your lending business to the next level by producing professional, on-demand, accurate, and up-to-minute pool statements

Ensure State Compliance

Decrease your CPA auditing and preparation fees

Make auditing a breeze with ready reports and up to the minute info. CPAs know TMO and have said audits go much faster thanks to all the reports and organized data TMO presents.

The DRE module works with the information collected in other modules to produce accurate statistical information required by the CA DRE Mortgage Loan/Trust Deed Annual Report form RE881 and the CA DRE Trust Accounting Report RE852 for multi-lender transactions. These are just more of the compliance tasks that The Mortgage Office® can help you automate so you can focus on expanding your business instead of double-checking paperwork.

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Generate Loan Documents

Generate loan documents, from processing to closing.

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Teaser Rates

Handle default interest with teaser rates.

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Payment Distribution

The Mortgage Office offers you automated payment distribution to funding sources with check printing.

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Automated Emails

Our system features automated emailing of borrower bills, statements, and notices.

Payment Processing

Streamline your processes with fast and flexible payment processing, NSFs, and Payoffs.

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Document Imaging

Take advantage of our fully integrated document imaging and management systems available within The Mortgage Office.

Seamless Integrations With
Popular Software

Built-in integrations with popular LOS systems, QuickBooks, and Microsoft products.

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Before we got The Mortgage Office software we did everything manually, so it’s saving us alot of time and we’re processing payments in minutes instead of hours!

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The Mortgage office handles all of the types of loans that I do. It’s completely flexible and easy to learn. The software pays for itself immediately once it frees me up to go out and do more work …

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