Issue debt instruments & automate repayments

Collateralized Mortgage
Obligations Software

The Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMO) Module helps minimize repayment risks by providing cash flow analysis, interest rate, and certificate maturity data.

Minimize Repayment Risks Commonly Associated with CMOs

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Professional Holder Certificates

Assess finance charges and generate billing statements in a single step with The Mortgage Office.

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Automate Selling & Servicing

Automate the tasks of selling and servicing certificates secured by a pool of loans. Issue certificate holder checks or deposit funds electronically via ACH Express.

collateralized mortgage obligations software yearly growth on income statements

Produce Income Statements

Produce IRS 1099-INT Interest Income Statements directly from the CMO Module within The Mortgage Office.

Handle Many Tasks Automatically

Minimize your risk and improve efficiencies with The Mortgage Office’s Collateralized Mortgage Obligations Module.

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Predictable Cash Flows and Rate Returns

Producing a bond-like investment product may fit your investors’ needs better than a direct participation in actual loans. The CMO module within The Mortgage Office allows investors to purchase certificates from a tiered return structure while providing predictable cash flows and rates of returns. Debt obligations are automatically issued based on the amount invested.

collateralized mortgage obligation software automatic rollover

Automatic Rollover

Automatically roll over certificates at maturity and reinvest funds for growth certificates.

Seamless Integrations With
Popular Software

Built-in integrations with popular LOS systems, QuickBooks, and Microsoft products.

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