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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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The Mortgage Office

I've been in the mortgage business for over twenty years and have had the opportunity to use several software solutions available to the industry. There is nothing out there in the marketplace that can really compare to The Mortgage Office. It’s extremely powerful and easy to use. If you’re new to the business the software will keep you within the proper guidelines of both law and practice. If you’re an experienced mortgage broker, you will have the flexibility to configure the day to day operations to your own way of doing things. The customization is almost limitless. There is no report that I can’t generate. If it’s not in the many templates provided, I can create it with the available tools. In addition and often overlooked until it’s too late, the backup and security tools are fantastic!

Jared Waldman, President, Ventana Capital

Stellar Software

As soon as I saw the demo for TMO, I knew it was the right software for us. It hasn't let us down and it's never crashed. Can you say that about the software you use? Learning the ins and outs of everyday transactions was a breeze. The support staff has been very helpful with issues not covered in the help file. If you decide to order TMO, I encourage you to attend their two-day seminar.

Mark Novisoff, Sandstone Properties


What can I say this software is AWESOME!!! It has revolutionized the way we do business. The software is so easy to use and adaptable to our needs. As far as the Customer Service is concerned I have never dealt with a company that is so professional, helpful and knowledgeable in my 25 years of work. AJ Poulin is amazing at what he does and Joann in the customer service department is always willing to help and assists with any of my questions and by the end of the call my queries are solved. Also as we are an Australian Company the time difference never causes an issue and Joann and/or AJ go beyond working hours when needed to assist us.

Suzie Reboredo, SWMM Ltd

The Mortgage Office from the Perspective of the Auditor

Our firm has been auditing in the private lending, or more commonly referred to "Mortgage Pool", industry for nearly 20 years. As the partner lead of our firm's mortgage pool practice, I have been auditing clients that use The Mortgage Office for nearly 15+ years and I can attest to the fact that TMO is the most prevalently used software platform in the industry. From an audit perspective, the software is fantastic!! If used correctly and to its fullest potential, the software is extremely reliable and produces a myriad of reports that are paramount to accurate record-keeping and the financial statement audit process. Although we are not hands on users of the software, we have an intimate experience with the software from an "accounting" and "auditing" perspective. TMO is the "go to" software of virtually all of our mortgage pool clients and unless prospective clients are looking to spend six figures plus on a custom software platform, we advise all of our prospects to strongly consider TMO as their software solution.

Joshua Nevarez, Partner at Armanino LLP

The Mortgage Office Servicing Software

We had used a different loan servicing software for our Texas Tax Loan portfolio prior to purchasing The Mortgage Office (TMO). The recommended training sessions helped us understand and appreciate the rich functionality and ease of use of TMO and at the same time made it clear that initial setup requires guidance which we readily received from TMO’s excellent support team. With the system all setup TMO reliably manages our loan portfolio, calculates and generates monthly statements, generates comprehensive reports, calculates investor income and automatically generates bank transactions. The TMO MISMO interface exports loans from our loan origination software and imports complete loan files into TMO Servicing. I highly recommend TMO for portfolios of any size and complexity.

Jacob Goldstein, Managing Partner, USPTL LLC

TMO makes my job so much easier

The customer service is phenomenal. ABS will go above and beyond to fit the specific needs of your company. I love the fact that you can customize the program to function how you need it to. The software is pretty difficult to use and understand, but you learn to get the hang of it. I still don't fully understand the details of what I am doing when I enter terms into the system. However, it has freed up about 60% of my week by automating our process. We can now send notices, interest bills, and payoff statements through the system. We used to have to create these manually which left a lot of room for error. I am extremely happy we decided to go with ABS/TMO.

Andie Podwika, Loan Servicing Associate, RF Capital

Hard Money Origination and Servicing Program

We have been using ABS software since 1986. If you’re arranging and servicing Notes and Trust Deeds and your volume dictates getting a top of line program, ABS is the company! Not cheap, but we have NEVER had an issue with the software in 28yrs!! That means a lot! It is very easy to learn and use. I can recommend ABS without hesitation!

Paul Rios, Broker/Owner, First Security Mortgage Home Loans Inc

The Mortgage Office

I have many clients in the mortgage industry. Most of them use The Mortgage Office. Also I have to use the software while completing my work. The Mortgage Office is a great program. It is easy to use and easy to learn. It accomplishes everything that is necessary that a mortgage broker needs, and does it extremely well. Every one of my clients that use the program loves it. From my perspective, it handles the regulatory requirements extremely well.

David Duner, Owner, David Allen Duner, CPA

Great product, very powerful

I own a loan servicing company and have absolutely loved this product and the customer service. I know that the software has many uses that we haven't even tapped into, but we love it for the mortgage loan servicing, ACH, website access, etc. Customer service has been friendly and responsive.

Kerrie Johnson, Owner, Accu-Pay Servicing

A Team Effort

We purchased The Mortgage Office’s loan servicing software a little over a year ago when we had maybe 100 loans. At the time we were outsourcing the servicing functions, and were looking for better control of the portfolio. Existing Mortgage Office customers recommended the software as the only way to go, saying that it was accurate to a fault and fully featured. We now have over 635 loans totaling in excess of $225,000,000. The software has definitely facilitated that growth, the software support folks have been with us the whole time, and we absolutely love the software. The entire Applied Business Software team has been terrific. We made the right software decision, and we would recommend this product and this company to anyone!

Aric Laky, Co-Owner, LS Capital, Inc.


I am one of the earliest users of The Mortgage Office software. I believe I first started using The Mortgage Office in 1980. At that time the owners of APPLIED BUSINESS SOFTWARE (ABS) had opened an office across the street from my Mortgage Company, South Bay Mortgage Co., Inc., in Lawndale, CA. I have been using their software since then and am still using it today, 34 years later. Their support team and incredible updates have kept me negotiating loans, managing my trust accounts, and servicing loans since I walked across the street and fell in love with their software. My wife and I consider the owners, Jerry and Eddy Delgado, as one of our best friends. Their knowledge of the Mortgage Loan industry is unsurpassed as is their software.

Leonard Simon, President and owner, South Bay Mortgage Co., Inc.

The Glue that binds...

The Mortgage Office is a key component for the success of our business; it simply is the nucleus of our office that keeps us all in touch and moving in the right direction. It has been easy to train new employees, as well as current employees with minimal computer skills, it helps that their customer service is always there to lend a helping hand. It is hands down the greatest tool that our company has and it is continually improving and keeping pace with our changing industry.

Matthew Gross, Broker, Pacific Loanworks Inc.

Great software

I have used many servicing packages and recently switched to the mortgage office. I couldn't be happier. The program is very intuitive and easy to use.

Glen Weinberg, COO, Hard Money Lenders

The Mortgage Office

The Mortgage Office software has been a vital tool in streamlining the operations and increasing the efficiency of our company. The information maintained by the software and attention to detail that it allows has been crucial in maintaining a high quality of service for our clients. In addition, the improvements to our internal reporting thanks to TMO have made a significant impact on our business. The support team for The Mortgage Office is very helpful. Applied Business Software/The Mortgage Office is very responsive to customers' needs. A notable point regarding TMO is that customization of the software is tricky. The support team is always available to help walk you through any confusing questions or ideas; however, if the product you are offering is highly customized, you may find it difficult to work within the TMO system. On the plus side, Applied Business Software is absolutely dedicated to listening to customer feedback, and that feedback does not just get filed away and ignored. That feedback leads to real results; the programmers have added a function to the system that our company had directly requested! To us, that is top quality customer service, and in return allows us to turn around and provide top quality service to our own customers.

Jen Fitzgerald, Head of Operations, Renovo Financial

TMO - Problem Solver

TMO is a great compliment to our loan administration department. It has simplified our reporting processes and allowed us to operate a much more efficient servicing platform. We appreciate the constant refinements crafted by Applied Business Software - keeping the software current in an ever changing mortgage environment.

Brian Chelin, Director, Lanyard Financial

We found what we were looking for

After a few years of struggling to find a program adequate for our company, we were recommended to use Mortgage Office. We have had Mortgage Office since 2010 and have never had a problem with the program. It has everything we needed and what we were looking for. Everyone at Applied Business has been very helpful from the start. We were constantly calling them for their assistance at the beginning and they were always friendly and professional and very helpful. They would stay on the line with us until we felt comfortable and understood the situation. I would strongly recommend this program!

Mercedes Donoso, Office Administrator, Lone Star Investments

Excellent Product, Excellent Service

The Mortgage Office makes loan servicing easy. The ACH and Mortgage Pool modules are user friendly and a great benefit to our business. The support team is always responsive and helpful.

Tara Callori, Controller, Emerald Creek Capital, LLC

The Mortgage Office

Overall, Mortgage Office is very good. The system is a great help in our database maintenance and servicing/processing of all loan and lender transactions. The support group is accommodating and quick to respond. We hope the system will have more reporting capabilities and features like being able to generate a single report showing all the information of the loans that are entered in all the tabs in the loan set up as well as other reports filtered by category or criteria. More security/control features in deleting of files is needed as sometimes loan files are accidentally deleted by other users. We wish the system could be faster, as it can get really slow when there are many users.

Noemi Isidro, Supervisor, Loan Admin, Trez Capital Limited Partnership

Great loan servicing software

We have been using The Mortgage Office software for nearly ten years and recommend it highly. The software is very robust, yet is easy to use. With the availability of different modules, you can purchase just the services that are applicable for your situation. Over the years, we have added additional modules as we have expanded our loan offerings. The sales team always has been very helpful to make sure we are getting what we need to service our loans. The customer service is also very good. The representatives are knowledgeable and work to resolve issues very quickly. I would definitely recommend The Mortgage Office to anyone looking for loan servicing software!

Mike Rhine, Director of Church Finance, Florida Baptist Foundation

The Mortgage Office

The Mortgage Office staff has been very helpful answering all of our questions from set up to support. The software is very user friendly and my office is very pleased with it.

Jessica Pace, Office Manager, Galin Mortgage Lending, LLC

Review of The Mortgage Office

Overall usability of product/application interface is straightforward and easy. The report generating aspects of The Mortgage Office (TMO) makes it easy for our company to perform various analytical tasks with respect to auditing individual loan accounts for accuracy and consistency. The included loan origination and loan servicing forms and letters provide for additional resources for effective information-sharing and correspondence with our clients. The Borrower Tasks and Reports (loan servicing) makes issuing regular monthly statements less mundane and much easier to perform. Lastly, the technical support and customer service aspects of the product are incomparable. Overall, The Mortgage Office is an excellent product!

Marvin Deleon Guerrero, Mortgage Loan Representative, Bank of Saipan, Inc.

The Mortgage Office

Overall good software. The emphasis is really on mortgage lending, though it works fine for our commercial portfolio. Support is good. Not crazy about the pricing structure -- 4 users, or a big jump to 10, I believe. Nothing in between.

Annette Rubelmann, Finance Director, Greater New Haven Community Loan Fund

Great Servicing Product!

We have been working with ABS for over seven years and are very pleased with their product, service and support!

Gene Kristul, President, Saxe Mortgage Company

Mortgage Office for Loan Origination

We have been using The Mortgage Office software since 2005 and find it an indispensable tool in our daily loan origination process.

Peter Jorgensen, Partner at Capital Finance Corporation

The Mortgage Office Review

Does a great job with escrow account analysis, adjustments and overall management. Very flexible and easy to learn. Highly recommend it. Like any other software, need some practice before going live and there is a short learning curve. Once you get used to it, you wonder how you ever lived without it.

Jeffrey Katz, DJ Jordan Properties

Great Software!

We utilize The Mortgage Office to track our extensive loan portfolio. This software has simplified the task of servicing our loans and we are able to view projections, payments, and payoffs with ease. The Mortgage Office increases productivity while allowing our loan officers to spend more time creating lasting relationships with our clients.

Todd Pigott, Principal, Zinc Financial, Inc.

Cadillac of the industry

We’ve been using The Mortgage Office from ABS since about 1999 or 2000. Our prior provider operated unprofessionally and amateurish, involving its customers in many of its internal conflicts and struggles. We made the decision to find the best software on the market and integrate that into our business and train our team based in that system. We chose ABS because they offered by far the best platform for our specialized hard-money business and supported it exceptionally well.

Rick Harmon, Founder/President, The Suburban Group

ABS program has ease and efficiency

We use the Loan Servicing Module and the Escrow Origination Module. Program is user friendly and I enjoy using this program. No software is perfect, but for what we need to do with our company this program beats any other. Inputting loans is quick and efficient and easy to use. Would be nice to mail merge forms easier in Word rather than in VBS format. I think that was changing in new program release? In Loan Servicing, we have enjoyed using the ACH Module for payments rather than processing one by one! Some of the lookups could be easier but I hear with the new program coming that will be there. We do use existing borrowers, so it would be nice to have borrowers setup as lenders are with their accounts, but we just get around it by using an existing loan or template when typing a new loan. But, we cannot sort of have a single profile for borrower as lenders do. Overall, we do like the program and the customer service given is great, if we run into a problem or situation.

Rhonda Van Buren, Loan Processor, The Norris Group

I like it!

I started off with Brand X and I'm not going to say who they are however I had to completely change programs over to The Mortgage Office and I was surprised for one thing that it worked the first time. They helped me get started and were very friendly Brand X treated me like I was an idiot. I was able to figure out the program on my own with little help however I call them every now and then and they get me through my problems rather quickly. I will never change after being with ABS. I have been using it now for at least 10 years. I use both the servicing and the origination portion of their program. Seems to get better with every upgrade.

Phillip R. Jago, President/Broker, First Equity

Great Servicing Software

The Mortgage Office is the gold standard in mortgage servicing. It is the best!

Bernie Navarro, President, Benworth Capital Partners

The Mortgage Office

I have used the mortgage office since 1985 and have found it to be excellent for loan servicing. Would and have referred the software to others.

Randolph Brusca, President, Assured Home Loans

The Mortgage Office

Great program - reliable and easy to use.

Mary Schwab, Vice President, Bankers Escrow Corp.

The Mortgage Office Review

We have used the software for 10 years. The Mortgage office is easy to use and understand, their customer service is excellent.

Michelle Mittie, Avatar Financial Group

Great program for lenders servicers of all sizes.

I have been running The Mortgage Office for over two years. It is an excellent program which handles every aspect of loan management. Despite significant growth of my book, and an ever increasing regulatory burden, the software has made my life easier than it was before. My only slight criticism is that it is not too easy to learn (but full disclosure I didn't do the training) they more than make up for the minor confusion with tremendous customer service. I call often with questions and Lee and his associates always are gracious and helpful.

Stuart Cole, Manager, County Mortgage, LLC

The Mortgage Office

Satisfied customer for over 10 years. Software gives us good results for a fair price.

Jennifer Guevara, Loan Servicing Manager, Cupertino Capital

The Mortgage Office

The software itself is easy to learn, use and manage the mortgage portfolio. There are too many great features to name them all but the most effective for our business is the conversation logs and the reminders. The reminders have proven to be extremely helpful to our payment takers by insuring that we collect information needed at the source. The conversation logs and follow up task feature is very useful for our collection efforts by insuring quick follow-up on all issues. The customer service support for The Mortgage Office is second to none! They answer questions and help find solutions quickly. That is now and always has been the key to efficiency within any business.

Dianne McMaster, CFO, Pensacola Habitat for Humanity

There For Us in a Pinch

Blackburne & Sons has been using The Mortgage Office to service our portfolio of hard money commercial first mortgages for over 15 years. We could not run our company without it. Others will tell you the same thing. But here's a story of heroism and loyalty. About 11 years ago we somehow crashed our software due to our own error. The monthly check run was coming up, and we were serious trouble. The two owners of The Mortgage Office worked 15+ hours per day on Friday, on Saturday, and on Sunday ... and they somehow retrieved our data. I genuinely love the folks at Applied Business Software. They literally saved my 33-year-old company.

George Blackburne, President, Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation

The Mortgage Office Review

As soon as I saw the demo, I knew this was exactly what we needed for our loan servicing business. Using TMO has resulted in our spending only minutes per day to accomplish what used to take hours. I heartily recommend TMO - you'll love it, too.

Mark Novisoff, Loan Servicing, Sandstone Properties

The Mortgage Office

We have been a customer for over 10 years and find The Mortgage Office has the best origination and loan servicing software around!

Pam Sosa, President, Standard Mortgage Financial Services, Inc.

Happy customer

The tech support is responsive, helpful and never condescending! The product does almost everything we need it to do. I've incorporated the website, which my clients love. It was easy to implement and required no major time or money investment on my part. We service about 200 loans currently, but could easily increase that capacity many times over without out-growing this software. Overall, a good investment with good support.

Kerrie Johnson, Owner, Accu-Pay Servicing, LLC

The Mortgage Office Purchase

I have used TMO/ABS for more than a decade, and had to buy another copy for a new business venture. When I was setting up my new company, I knew there was no question if TMO was going to be the software backbone of my operation. In my opinion, it's the only choice for loan origination and loan servicing for private money mortgages.

Erik Haberstroh, President, Allstar Capital Group, Inc

ABS-TMO Loan Service Software

My mortgage company invested in the ABS loan service software in 1981. We were lucky to have originally selected ABS because, through the years, they have outperformed the other companies we've examined, that have developed along the way. ABS has continued to frequently upgrade not only their programs but the software and systems that drive their loan service software, TMO. I've been very happy with the customer service; however, some of our employees have on occasion expressed a desire for higher levels; in fairness, I believe the ABS customer service is above the average of most software companies with which we've dealt. Accommodating convenience and ease of use is strong. ABS allows huge volumes of supporting files, loan documents, appraisals, ETC, to be available at a click from within a specific loan file; more important is that the method they've designed does so without noticeably slowing the system. ABS appears to have strived to accommodate requirements of the many new loan servicing regulations as they have developed in recent years. Although, we have worried about ABS meeting some of the required loan service deadlines and on a few occasions began developing work around procedures in case the programming changes were not made in time. In the end, our concerns were unnecessary and ABS delivered by the regulatory deadlines. Note: The software agreement is unusual; potential clients should carefully read and understand the agreement which is easy to inadvertently violate by accessing the program from a home or other remote connection unless a single laptop is used in all locations in conjunction with a single dedicated terminal server. In the end, the negative issues mentioned herein are relatively small in relationship to the overall quality and ease of use of the product and of the company's history of updating the quality and performance of their systems as well as accommodating the required regulatory changes. I have not seen another system I'd rather have; even at a much higher price.

Richard Temme, Founder and President, R.C. Temme Corporation

Outstanding The Mortgage Office by ABS

I have used several different mortgage software programs over the years and The Mortgage Office stands head and shoulders above the rest. My top 3 reasons- Ease of Use, Excellent Customer Service with an 800 number and Updates to ensure compliance with regulations.

Amy Sayre, Managing Principal, August REI LLC

The Mortgage Office

Great Program, easy to enter data.

Criss Soto, Pinnacle Mortgage

User-Friendly Product with Great Support

TMO has lots of solid core features, great reporting features and ease of use. Response times for service calls are fast and the quality of problem-resolution expertise is top-notch.

Sean Doherty, CFO, Baltimore Community Lending, Inc

There is no substitute

If you are looking for servicing software look no further. This product is easy to use, gives you the ability to have multiple lenders in a loan, and has GREAT customer service. If you need anything, from a simple question to a unique situation, this team can do it and walk you through it. The software has great reports that look very professional and allow you to customize what you would like to list. From posting to investor distribution this software does it all. Just a few people can do the work of many since it automates just about everything. You save on people, and that is the most expensive part of your business. We had demonstrations from 4 other software packages, and nothing came close. We have been using the mortgage office for the past 5 years, and do not have any regrets.

David Brody, Vice President, B&Z Asset Management Corp

Outstanding company

The Mortgage Office produces a product that makes loan servicing a manageable task. The many facets of servicing are thought out with great concern for the servicer. I was able to pick up the program without a training class but would highly recommend training since I could have done a better job had I been more fully trained. I had been doing servicing for 25+ years and thought I could figure things out. I did for the most part because it is very user friendly. I am glad to recommend The Mortgage Office.

Susan Fleeman Svihus, President, Salinas Mortgage Company

Great Loan Servicing Platform

Our company uses the Mortgage Office Loan Servicing Software on a daily basis to service our loan portfolio. It has dramatically increased our operating efficiency over a large portfolio, and sending/emailing loan statements is very easy. As with any new software, learning the loan setup process can take time, but we are now able to book a loan in under 3 minutes. This is important to our business. If your company is ready to move from spreadsheet servicing to a more comprehensive platform, this is a great option.

Aaron Zeese, Manager, PAJ Enterprises

Makes my job easier!

I've been using The Mortgage Office for the past 14 years but our company owner has been using the software since it was first created. In the last 14 years since I've worked with the software, we've utilized many of the modules offered: Loan Origination, Loan Servicing, Trust Accounting, Default, ACH, Mortgage Pool Servicing and the Tax Form Management and Printing. It's convenient to have a single software program that fits so many needs. An especially favorite feature of mine is ability to create and personalize forms and templates; that is a huge time saver for me! I find the software to be very user friendly and the technical support staff is also friendly and patient - I've learned lots from them! I honestly can't imagine using any other software nor do I want to!

Jennie Vaughn, Operations Manager, Pelorus Equity Group, Inc.

Really love this software, very happy

The Mortgage Office took us from the Stone Age to the information age with one fell swoop. Our staff absolutely loves The Mortgage Office and its saving tons of time. The reporting is absolutely fantastic, and our investors are absolutely thrilled. Our portfolio has grown tremendously since implementing the software. I can't say enough good things about it.

Dave McKitrick, CEO, Alta West Mortgage

Job Well Done!

The Mortgage Office and the ABS Team are the true horsepower behind our business! From our Lenders to our Borrowers, the Mortgage Office enables us to be extremely efficient. Job Well Done!

Brian Steiner, Partner, Maxim Capital Funding, LLC

Completely Intuitive

Pros: Completely Intuitive, Easy to Use, Operates Quickly, Runs Clean, Tech Support is Excellent, Presents Information in a Professional Manner. Cons: It's not cheap, but it still presents an excellent value to any lender or mortgage servicer that takes his or her business seriously. To my knowledge, there's no other software available that has the capability and professional presentation of The Mortgage Office. Well worth the money. Overall: If you have any significant experience with computing software at all, The Mortgage Office is completely intuitive. It gets the job done, doesn't allow you to make silly errors, runs quick and clean, and presents information in a professional, logical manner. The customer service from Applied Business Software is always readily available and each support rep has extensive knowledge of the software. If it can be done, they know how to do it.

Chris Gleason, Managing Director, MMG Capital

The Mortgage Office

We have been using The Mortgage Office by Applied Business Software for many years. It is user-friendly and easy to understand for the "novice" and "veteran" alike. (The "novice" would be me!) We were using a different software that was difficult to navigate and troublesome to understand. When we changed to TMO, we were all very impressed that it was so easy to understand. Customer Service is extremely helpful, friendly and on-the-ball. We do not have all of the "modules" (for entirely financial reasons), but everything runs very smoothly and efficiently. This is a great product and I recommend it highly.

Jackie Jaques, Escrow Officer, Cal Vista Home Loans, Inc.