Trust Fund Accounting

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Trust Accounting Software

Use our Mortgage Accounting software to manage escrow and impound trust accounts, property management, REO properties, real estate transactions and funds deposited by borrowers. Reconcile your trust accounts to your bank statement easily and automatically.

With the Trust Accounting Software You Can

  • Handle, control and account for all trust monies received
  • Meets or exceeds currently established legal and accounting standards
  • Maintain any number of trust accounts with unlimited clients (sub-ledgers)
  • Generate reports, reconcile bank accounts, issue checks and disburse funds
  • Complies with Federal and State regulations including CA-DRE and B&P code
  • Processes deposits, adjustment, computer and manually written checks
  • Generates the Trust Status Report (RE 855) and Trust Bank Account Reconciliation (RE 856)

Compliance with the statutes and regulations that govern the handling of trust accounts is essential to the health of your business. Maintain your records properly by investing in a tool specifically designed for the lending professional.

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