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Since 1978, Applied Business Software has served the lending industry with complete and innovative software solutions including The Mortgage Office® and The Loan Office®.

We saw firsthand the challenges and difficulties that lenders and brokers faced, and set out to engineer a solution tailored to their needs. Over forty years later, we’re proud to be the software chosen by thousands of lenders across the globe.

The Mortgage Office® is compatible with all types of loans, from residential loans to complex participation loans. It handles every step of the process from closing to pay-off, for a uniquely integrated solution that simplifies your daily workflow.

Mission Statement

To provide world-class loan servicing and origination software to lenders around the globe.


To automate financial growth in every corner of the globe through best in-class loan management software.

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About Our Products

When you compare The Mortgage Office to other loan origination and servicing software, you will quickly see the advantages of choosing the market leader.

The Mortgage Office has consistently rated superior in design, system interface, expandability, and ease of use. Our products are Microsoft compatible and provide seamless integrations with a suite of products. The familiar Microsoft look and feel assured that your staff will learn to use The Mortgage Office quickly and will feel comfortable using it as their primary business tool.

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The Mortgage Office is the gold standard in mortgage servicing. It is the best!

Bernie N President Benworth Capital Partners

I have used several different mortgage software programs over the years and The Mortgage Office stands head and shoulders above the rest. My top 3 reasons- Ease of Use, Excellent Customer Service with an 800 number and Updates to ensure compliance with regulations.

Amy S Managing Principal

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

At Applied Business Software, we take pride in offering reliable, user-friendly software solutions that serve lenders around the world.

We foster a culture of continuous improvement and are constantly innovating our product to better meet our customers’ needs.

We believe the best customer experience is rooted in consistency and trust, which is why our entire team (from design to customer support) is based in Long Beach, California. As our customer base continues to expand worldwide, the Applied Business Software team will always be there when you need them.

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Our History of Innovation

Our world-class loan servicing solutions are a product of over 40 years of continuous improvement. Explore our journey from day one.



Applied Business Software is founded by Jerry and Eddy Delgado, Cuban immigrants who came to the United States with a bag full of dreams, a decade earlier. The Mortgage Office gets written in a language prior to DOS.



The Mortgage Office gets rewritten in DOS.


TMO for Windows is Launched

The Mortgage Office gets rewritten to a Windows product.

TMO for Windows is launched.


IRS Tax Filing

ABS becomes an approved IRS Tax filing system.



ABS releases lender and borrower portals.


Going Global

ABS acquires its first customer outside of the United Sates: Australia. Canada would follow shortly after that, to make 22 countries to date.


Fund Management

Launched Fund Management/Pool Module for people to be able to manage a fund.


Software Update

ABS launches the .NET version of The Mortgage Office.


A New World of Connection

ABS launches the API.


Lometa Capital Partners

ABS is acquired by Lometa Capital Partners.


Loan Origination

ABS launches fully web-based loan origination system.


Loan Servicing

ABS launches fully web-based loan servicing system.