Brownstone Mortgage Capital

The Problem

Alex Nackoul, Managing Director of Brownstone Mortgage Capital Corp., describes himself as “efficiently lazy.” And while his interview is by far the shortest one, the message is simple: “The Mortgage Office™ is straightforward and effortless.”

About Brownstone Mortgage Capital

It is our mission at Brownstone to provide our investors with a secure investment and an above-market rate of return by lending money secured by income producing commercial real estate. Our first priority is to our investors, consequently our objective is to securely lend money and receive all of it back…with interest. Our goal is to continue our track record–since 1980–of never having our investors lose one cent of principal and always receiving their scheduled monthly payments.


Conventional Lending


Santa Ana, CA

The Solution

Brownstone Mortgage had used another system prior to The Mortgage Office™ and Alex says the reason they were replacing their system was, “[it] couldn’t reconcile the bank accounts – can you imagine? And processing an NSF was difficult. Oy Vey!”

The Results

When asked why he chose The Mortgage Office™, Alex simply replied, “It’s easy and simple. The Mortgage Office™ allows me to be lazy without having to compromise efficiency.”

The Mortgage Office™ is the best damn software. Period.

Alex Nackoul Managing Director Brownstone Mortgage Capital

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