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Education Loan Servicing

From the most prestigious universities in the world to local colleges and trade-schools, The Mortgage Office handles loans to professors, students and other employees.

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Trusted by Prestigious Educational Institutions Nationwide

Attracting and retaining top talent is
job #1

More and more higher learning facilities offer lending programs to students, alumni, and staff, and the ease of repayments is key to the program’s success.  The Mortgage Office offers colleges and universities the ability to have a flexible repayment schedule by collecting payments through payroll deduction, online payments, ACH debit, or old school check – depending on the client.

Building Up your Alumni Base

The strength of your endowment is critical to your school’s growth, and that endowment is built upon the success of your students.  What better way to build a loyal alumni following than offering a flexible lending program?

Education Financing

All in One System

From an online loan-app, underwriting, funding, and servicing, through payoff.  Automate your underwriting dept. with customizable workflow, machine learning and deal scoring.

There is nothing out there in the marketplace that can really compare to The Mortgage Office. It’s extremely powerful and easy to use.

Jared W President Ventana Capital

Just a few people can do the work of many since it automates just about everything. You save on people, and that is the most expensive part of your business. We have been using the mortgage office for the past 5 years, and do not have any regrets.

David B B&Z Asset Management

Right Tools at the Right Time

Make the best lending decisions with the best tools.

Online Payments

Process real time Credit Card and EFT payments through all of our payment entry screens, both within The Mortgage Office and through our borrower portal

Text Messaging

Notify your borrowers and lenders as payments are applied, when payment statements are sent, ACH deposits are made, upcoming ACH debits (AutoPay), and much more!

E-File, Printing, & Mail

We can e-file, print and mail your end of the year tax forms for you.

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