Complex loans simplified

Commercial Loan Management Software

The Commercial Loans Module can handle complex commercial loan terms, whether funded from warehouse lines, your company, REITs, Pools, or multiple loan investors.

Tools to Help You Handle Complex Commercial Loans

Assess Interest & Print Billing Statements

Bridge Financing

Work with various interest compounding methods while managing multiple ARM changes within a billing period.

Add Funds to a loan

Gap Funding

See multiple advances within a billing period from multiple billing sources and actual days billing.

Commercial Mezzanine Debt

Mezzanine Debt

Enjoy flexible interest calculation methods and automatic Payment of billings from interest reserves

Seamless Integrations With
Popular Software

Built-in integrations with popular LOS systems, QuickBooks, and Microsoft products.

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I would highly recommend The Mortgage Office. We are much more organized and gives us a much more professional appearance. The software is very flexible and handles many different types of loans…

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Before we had The Mortage Office we were running our back office on excel, on word and a whole slew of other programs. We were able to consolidate all our back office to one program to better manage our mortgages and allows us to better report …

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