Account Access 24/7

Online Lender/Borrower

Our online portals provide lenders and borrowers immediate access to their account information.

Provide Access to Your Lenders and Borrowers Anytime, Anywhere.

Your clients can view their portfolios 24/7 with any Wi-Fi connection.  Plus your investors can get first dibs on new investment offerings.

IBP Provide Instant Access

Provide Instant Access

With our online lender and borrower portals, you immediately enhance your company’s image by providing 24/7 access to statements, reports, investment offerings, online payments, tax forms, and more!

IBP Borrower Payments

Borrower Payments

Allow your borrowers to make payments safely, securely, and conveniently within our online borrower portal.

IBP Statements and Reports

Statements & Reports

Allow your lenders to print their own statement and reports while increasing transparency.

Partners View Central

Running a fund? Stay in contact with your partners and give them a complete overview of their portfolio.

online lender/borrower portal software web publishing central payment info screenshot

Improved Customer Service

Reduce customer service phone calls and eliminate the amount of printed statements by allowing your customers access to data 24/7.

online lender/borrower portal software web publishing central screenshot

No Additional Data Entry

All of this is available with no additional data entry on your part. Simply click a button to transmit your data to our secure portal. You select which partners you wish to publish, assign their pins, and decide when and how often to publish information.

You even have the ability to provide access to these sites free of charge or to assess a fee for this convenience.

Seamless Integrations With
Popular Software

Built-in integrations with popular LOS systems, QuickBooks, Microsoft products and other platforms.

Yitz L. headhsot

Before we had The Mortage Office we were running our back office on excel, on word and a whole slew of other programs. We were able to consolidate all our back office to one program to better manage our mortgages and allows us to better report …

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With features like Web Publishing Central, The Mortgage office makes the interface between what I have and what I see everyday and what my clients can see very seamless. What they get to see is very factual and very straightforward …

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