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Loan Servicing Software

Improve your loan management capabilities with our advanced, automated software. Designed to scale with your business, our tools simplify complex processes, allowing you to effortlessly expand your loan servicing capacity.

Manage Any Type of Loan with Unmatched Flexibility

Our Loan Servicing Software delivers unparalleled power and flexibility, all while being incredibly easy to use. Designed to streamline the entire lifecycle of loan management, this module allows you to handle large portfolios efficiently—without the need for additional labor costs. Experience a solution that adapts to your needs, whether you’re dealing with commercial mortgages, personal loans, or anything in between.

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Service Many Types of Loans

Our powerful loan servicing software equips you to manage a diverse portfolio with ease. Whether you’re handling Conventional loans, engaging with Commercial enterprises, or navigating the complexities of Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) and Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs), our solution adapts to your needs. Additionally, the software seamlessly manages specialized financing.


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Increase Your Revenue Through Enhanced Collections

Maximize your earning potential with our loan servicing software designed to dramatically enhance your collection processes. By streamlining workflows and automating key tasks, our software minimizes delays and errors, ensuring that payments are received on time and in full. Experience a direct impact on your bottom line as improved efficiency and accuracy drive increased revenue and client satisfaction.

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Create Your Own SmartViews™

Harness the full potential of The Mortgage Office by creating your own SmartViews™. This powerful feature allows you to tailor your dashboard to display only the loans you need to see, filtered by criteria that you define. With hundreds of customizable filters at your disposal, organize your data in a way that enhances your workflow, boosts productivity, and helps you focus on your most critical tasks. Whether it’s sorting by loan type, risk level, or borrower characteristics, SmartViews™ puts you in control of the information you manage daily.

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Schedule Reminders

Keep your loan servicing tasks on track with our intuitive scheduling feature. Set up one-time, recurring, or event-driven reminders that ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Whether it’s payment due dates, contract renewals, or compliance checks, our system helps you automate alerts, so you can focus on what matters most—serving your clients efficiently and effectively.

Close More Loans in Less Time with Less Staff

Embrace unmatched efficiency with The Mortgage Office’s Loan Origination Module. Our comprehensive toolset empowers you to close more loans rapidly, even with a lean team. Dive into a suite of features that streamlines the entire loan origination process, from application to approval. With our system, your staff can manage more transactions with greater precision, leading to a notable increase in productivity and customer satisfaction without the need for added personnel.

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Teaser Rates

Effectively manage introductory offers with our software’s Teaser Rates feature. Tailor your loan products to entice new borrowers by seamlessly handling default interest rates that adjust after the promotional period. Our system ensures accuracy and compliance, automating the transition from teaser rates to the standard rate, mitigating risk, and maintaining borrower trust through transparent communication.

Payment Distribtution Report

Simplify Payment Distribution

Efficiency meets accuracy with The Mortgage Office’s automated payment distribution. Our system meticulously allocates payments to different funding sources, ensuring each party receives the correct amount. Say goodbye to manual calculations and potential errors. Additionally, integrate seamless check printing for a hassle-free disbursement process, reinforcing your commitment to operational excellence and timely financial management.

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Streamline Communication with Automated Emails

Transform how you communicate with borrowers using The Mortgage Office’s automated email system. This feature ensures that all your clients receive their bills, statements, and notices on time, without fail. Craft personalized templates for various communication needs, set the schedule, and let the system handle the rest. By automating this essential task, you not only enhance borrower satisfaction with consistent updates but also free up valuable time for your team to focus on more strategic activities.

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Payment Processing

Facilitate swift and adaptable payment processing using The Mortgage Office’s state-of-the-art system. Our software ensures that transactions, from routine payments to final payoffs, are processed efficiently and accurately. With enhanced capabilities to handle Non-Sufficient Funds (NSFs), you can swiftly address payment issues, minimizing disruption to cash flow. The system’s flexibility also allows for the easy adjustment of payment structures, ensuring client satisfaction and maintaining financial stability.

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Document Imaging

Elevate your document management to new heights with The Mortgage Office’s comprehensive document imaging system. Our fully integrated solution not only stores but also organizes and retrieves loan-related documents with ease. By converting all your paper files into digital format, you’ll unlock quick access to any document, ensure greater security, and improve overall efficiency. Streamline your archive processes, reduce physical storage needs, and enable instant retrieval to enhance productivity and client response times.

Seamless Integrations With
Popular Software

Our loan servicing software seamlessly connects with essential tools you already use and trust, powered by a robust API for secure and efficient data exchange. Enjoy built-in integrations with premier Loan Origination Systems (LOS), comprehensive accounting via QuickBooks, and the full versatility of Microsoft Office products. Our API extends this connectivity, enabling bespoke integrations with top-tier accounting systems and advanced document generation tools such as Lightning Docs.

    • Streamlined Operations: Reduce manual data entry and errors by syncing data across platforms. Our API facilitates real-time data updates, ensuring your loan servicing data is accurate and current across all integrated systems.
    • Enhanced Productivity: Save time with automated processes, freeing your team to focus on delivering exceptional service instead of managing data across different systems.
    • Customized Workflows: Leverage our API for tailored integrations that fit your unique business processes, enhancing flexibility and scalability.

Not sure if our software will integrate with your existing systems? Schedule a demo today, and our support team will be happy to answer all your questions and show you how our software can be tailored to fit your needs.

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Now that we have The Mortgage Office we can produce statements quickly, we have reliability of the information we put in and we’ve got the security of knowing that we’re putting it in right because the right person is putting it in only once. It’s a great piece of software!

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We would need at least three or four people in the loan servicing department in order to get done what The Mortgage Office gets done for us…

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I would highly recommend The Mortgage Office. We are much more organized and gives us a much more professional appearance. The software is very flexible and handles many different types of loans…

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