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Land Development Loan Management

Selling a lot is one thing. Getting payments in is another. With powerful collection tools, The Mortgage Office can make repayment a breeze.

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Reduce Human Error

Eliminate double data entry and mistakes on spreadsheets, and avoid things falling through the cracks. With real time integration with your accounting software via the powerful API, you’ll never miss a beat, or a payment.

Streamline Your Management Processes

Fully manage land, chattel, or development loans and keep inventory of available lots for sale.

Increase Transparency and Efficiency

Increase transparency with 24/7 access to borrower and investor portals. Your borrower can print their own statements, see their 1098s, and even make a payment. No human interaction required.

The Mortgage Office has freed up about 60% of my week by automating our process. We can now send notices, interest bills, and payoff statements through the system. We used to have to create these manually which left a lot of room for error. I am extremely happy we decided to go with ABS/TMO.

Andie P Loan Servicing Associate RF Capital Group

I have used TMO/ABS for more than a decade, and had to buy another copy for a new business venture. When I was setting up my new company, I knew there was no question if TMO was going to be the software backbone of my operation. In my opinion, it’s the only choice for loan origination and loan servicing for private money mortgages.

Erik H President

Right Tools at the Right Time

Make the best lending decisions with the best tools.

Improve Collections

Process real time Credit Card and EFT payments through all of our payment entry screens, both within The Mortgage Office and through our borrower portal borrowersviewcentral.com

Increase Transparency

Information readily available at your borrowers and lenders fingertips with 24/7 access.

Improve Efficiencies

Notify your borrowers and lenders as payments are applied, when payment statements are sent, ACH deposits are made, upcoming ACH debits (AutoPay), and much more!

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